From DoeNetwork-
My Uncle Terry Lee Rogers disappeared without a trace Memorial weekend on May 29,1973 in Bend, Oregon. Terry lived and worked in the surrounding area and was very familiar with the terrain. He had worked at the Mount Bachelor Resort for a time with the Ski Patrol and was an experienced camper.He traveled around, including South America, and was very well liked by many. At the time he was attending Central Oregon Community College.
On Memorial weekend he had permission to be on a private Campsite about a mile below Meadow Camp, southeast of Bend on the Deschutes River. His campsite was below a bluff where he had parked his pickup Truck. Two of his friends notified authorities when they failed to find him at the campsite on Tuesday evening, May 29th,1973. His truck, with a bag of groceries in it, was still parked on the bluff.
Down below at his campsite were his glasses, wallet, camping equipment, etc., but he was nowhere to be found. Friends and members of the Deschutes County Search and Rescue unit had conducted a three-day search on foot, horseback, and by helicopter, but again, he was nowhere to be found. He last seen on Monday by his friend.