A gunman fires dozens of rounds at a group of four hunters, including a 14-year-old boy, forcing them to duck for cover in the wilderness.

"He made it clear to us to not to move and if we moved that he would kill us," said Jon Haigwood of Amelia. Haigwood is an experienced hunter, but when he and two friends took a teen on his first deer hunt last weekend on a friend's piece of property, he's never experienced anything like what happened.

The four hunters began dodging dozens of shots fired in their direction.

"I feel in my heart he was hunting us," Haigwood said, "and I feel after the first few shots he took at us he had every intention of trying to kill one of us."

A man who lives near the hunting grounds, 31-year-old Mike Mays, is accused of doing the shooting. The property owner told police she wouldn't let Mays or his friends hunt on her land. He apparently became incensed when he spotted hunters who did have permission.