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    Daddy's Miracle

    November 28, 2005 -- SKIDMORE, Mo. Almost a year after she was literally ripped from her mother's womb in a crime that took the pregnant woman's life, Victoria Jo Stinnett is a thriving, chubby baby with her late mother's brown eyes and sunny disposition.

    "She doesn't have much hair yet," said Becky Harper, the proud grandmother, showing off snapshots. Her mom, Bobbie Jo, "didn't grow her hair for a long time either," she said.

    sounds like the baby is well loved and happy .so tragic she will never know her mother.

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    i just read the story about what happened to the baby and her mother. what a shocking disgusting thing for someone to do. its great that the little girl is back with her family and doing well. i hope the woman who did this to her mother does get death. she deserves it.

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    I remember reading this terrible story and would just like to say how pleased I am that the little child is thriving.

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    I can't wait until this horrible rabid-dog of a woman goes on trial in April and gets the federal death penalty. I also can't believe it's been a whole year since this happened.
    This case totally dominated my Christmas last year. Poor little Victoria, thank God she is well and happy.

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    Very good news about Victoria indeed. Be interesting to see how one goes about "defending" the woman who took Victoria's mother from her.

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