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    UK - 'Justice is about him being branded as a rapist who robbed me of my childhood'

    This story has a twist as Sophie recognizes one of her attackers on the news, years later. Make sure you click the link to read everything.

    As soon as Sophie walked past the huddle of youths loitering on the pavement, she sensed that getting off a night bus at Brixton, south London, had been a desperately bad move.

    She and her friend, on their way home from an evening out with school mates, could have left the bus earlier, but Sophie felt they would be safer in Brixton where the streets were busier and the roads better lit.

    As pretty, confident 16-year-olds, the girls were used to attracting attention from male admirers. A couple of wolf whistles, even some suggestive banter would not have alarmed them.

    But there was something about the sudden silence and the penetrating gazes from the gang of youths gathered outside a fried chicken shop that told Sophie she had made the wrong choice.

    Keeping their eyes down, the girls quickened their pace and ran across the street. They had barely reached the other side when Sophie's worst fears were realised.

    Surrounded by the gang, they were robbed of their jewellery and money, dragged into an alleyway and bundled into separate underground garages on the Stockwell Park Estate. That was the beginning of a two-hour ordeal during which the girls were stripped almost naked, forced to engage in oral sex and raped, between them, 45 times at knifepoint.

    The gang members argued about who was going to go first and gave running commentaries on what they were doing. Occasionally they lit matches so that they could see the girls' petrified faces.

    At times, Sophie believed she was going to die. But as she lay on the freezing concrete floor, her thoughts turned to her mother who had already lost a daughter in a car crash four years earlier, and she told herself she had to survive.

    Read the rest of the story here

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    What a remarkable woman! I am so glad she has emerged finally the strong confident person she once was.

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    I felt sick to my stomach reading that...what a sad story and the irony of him standing there holding a "what about the victim" sign!!!! I am happy for the strength she found but know that all rape victims do not end up with a happy or even content ending...these perps should rot in jail imo and better still be robbed of their "weapons"- meaning their precious manly parts! Would deter others I am sure of that!

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