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    Man slapped with 10,000-year alimony order

    An Iranian man has been ordered by a divorce court to pay his ex-wife one gold coin a month in alimony for the next 10,000 years.

    Under Iran's marriage law couples sign a pre-marital agreement where the bride must stipulate the level of compensation they can demand during the marriage or in the event of separation and divorce.

    In this case the Tehran woman, who was not named, had asked for $US15 million worth of gold coins, the governmental Iran newspaper said.

    The court ruled that the husband should pay her the coins in single monthly instalments, meaning his debt will stay with him for 10,333 years.


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    LOL That's a good way to settle it.

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    Well I guess that's better than how they used to settle cases where women wanted to divorce their husbands - cutting off their heads.

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    that is so funny but at the same time so stupid..... I know that people are living longer nowadays but 10,000 ? I wonder what a 10,000 year old woman spends a golden coin on ? ......make up ?

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