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    Quote Originally Posted by expatCanada View Post
    Fox NFL video of the crime as they follow Mr. Ortega from the field to the locker room, theft, etc.

    FF to about 2:50
    Great video,thanks!Just by watching his behavior he planned this theft.The sneaking in with wrong credentials,acting as he belonged,spotting camera,roaming around for the opportunity then high tail it out of there.People (football fans) take this seriously,I doubt he will ever get to return to the US if he is not a US citizen.

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    Dylan Wagner, 19, was recently cleared by the FBI to share that he was the one who solved the mystery.

    Wagner, an unapologetic Patriots fan in Seahawks country, said that he collects NFL uniform gear.

    Last year, Wagner sold a jersey to a collector in Mexico through eBay. The two shared photos of their collections.

    Wagner explained items in one of the photos caught his eye. “A Tom Brady jersey and a Joe Montana game worn jersey, and the Tom Brady one in the Super Bowl 49 jersey when we faced the Seahawks,” he said. "If he sent me everything else in his collection I would have never questioned it, but just because of that one jersey you know I threw off the red flags.”

    The 19-year-old called Houston Police, the NFL, and the Patriots. No one took him seriously, until he sent an email to the Texas Ranger Division.

    Wagner gave detectives the Mexico address for Martin Mauricio Ortega, who had an International Media Press Pass for February's Super Bowl. Authorities found Ortega on security cameras carrying, what's believed to be, Brady's jersey under his arm.

    Police raided Ortega’s home, but he has not been arrested. The jerseys were returned to Brady.


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