Ian Draper was last seen at 3.30am on 3 August 2001 leaving the Mt Pritchard Community Club where he works as a bartender. He was seen leaving the Club in his 1992 white Ford Falcon. Ian's car was located in Leppington on 17 September 2001.

The vehicle was found locked and undamaged. An examination of the vehicle was conducted but no evidence on Ian's whereabouts was found. Checks of Ian's phone and bank records found they have not been used or accessed since his disappearance.

Janet Draper... insisted two years ago police take a sample of her mitochondrial DNA, pre-empting the current project which is expected to take at least another year to complete.

"I did push to have it taken," the 64-year-old says. "I'm a person that's getting a bit older and Ian may not be found for a while yet. I want the police to be sure that he can be identified."

Ian Draper, a barman then 37, was last seen leaving Mt Pritchard & District Community Club at 3am on August 3, 2001. His car was found at Bringelly six weeks later. Mrs Draper believes her son was murdered.