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    'Mr. Christmas' pulls plug on light display

    KILLINGLY, Connecticut (AP) -- Christmas just isn't the same for this small eastern Connecticut town that was once set aglow during the holidays by one man and his spirit.

    Mervin Whipple, known as "Mr. Christmas" to locals, has decided to pull the plug on his brilliant, gigantic holiday light display that once lured viewers from across the nation.

    Partly, it was the pricey bills. But mostly, there just isn't enough Christmas spirit, the once-jolly Whipple said.

    "It's a changed world," Whipple said while fighting back tears. "The spirit of Christmas is gone."

    Whipple had threatened to close down the display in recent years. But now he says it's official: Whipple's Christmas Wonderland is no more.

    More than 1.5 million people from across the country visited the display over its 35-year run. Decorated with 110,000 bright lights and 300 moving figures, including everything from Santa Claus to towering angels, Whipple's home was a holiday tradition and a Connecticut landmark.

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    Oh, this is so sad~! Maybe after this year, he will get some kind letters and reconsider. He probably adds more cheer to people's lives then he realizes. Sad.

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    I am sure that with a wee bit of concern and passion for citizens, he will reconsider. I am sure that when you get into a tradition such as his display, and you do it for so long, that you eventually reach the point where you donít care anymore, and thatís mainly because you think no one else cares as well. Iím sure something good will become of this story!