The McCurtain County Sheriff's Office is conducting a search after a cadaver dog found two human bones last week.

"We're hoping this is him. We're hoping they find him today," said Donna Ashalintubbi, Charlie Osterdock's sister...

Clardy said they're investigating the case as a homicide. He also said witnesses said Osterdock was last seen leaving a party at a home in Eagletown.

Charlie Osterdock lived without a car in an even smaller town 15 miles east of the Broken Bow store, where neighbors were used to seeing him trudge up and down the road. But the 56-year-old couldíve been gone for days without anybody noticing.

A family member went to check on him in early July and found clothes hanging on the line to dry, as if he expected to come right back home. He hasnít accessed his bank account or used his food stamps since.