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    WI - Becky Marzo, 23, Milwaukee, 13 Dec 2003

    Karren Kraemer said she has been living a slowly dawning nightmare since Dec. 13, 2003.

    That was the last day anyone saw her daughter, Becky Marzo, then 23, alive.

    Marzo was living with her boyfriend in the 3100 block of North 5th Street in Milwaukee, where she was last seen in the late evening hours.

    Kraemer said she believes her daughter was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her 37-year-old boyfriend.

    A spokesperson for the Milwaukee Police Department said the unsolved case is open and under investigation.

    The Oconomowoc mother's pain and persistence over finding out what happened to her daughter has led her to organize a vigil Dec. 11 at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

    "Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly" ~ Michelle Knight

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    mysteriw - are you a WI resident? Just curious.

    I have never heard of this woman, and never seen her listed on a missing person's site. I am pretty up to date on all the WI related ones, and the national ones with a WI section. I'm glad her mother is pushing LE to continue the investigation.

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    Vigil was held this past Sunday 12/11/2005

    Although the official headcount was actually 118 attending, the information here is quite telling!

    Come on Webslueths, do your thing and help us in finding Becky!

    Wisconsin Missing Person's Advocate,,,,NO SHOW!
    Milwaukee PD,,,NO SHOW, although they promised to the Foundation offering the reward that they would read the Reward info. Just gives another reason to put it in the Press when the "official Reward" is offered. I did not have a copy and You have to read EVERY word correctly! I did the reading at Karen Jo's Press Release in January of 2001.

    Info is that Becky is still Missing, and She has a Homicide Detective as well as a Missing Person's Detective assigned to her case! LE have treated the Mother horribly! She is a Mother with a Missing Daughter who grew up in a close Family!

    Many cases are lost as the LE will not release any Media, and they often tell the Family not to either!

    It will Be 2 years since Becky disappeared and this is the First Media Release!


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    The reward to find this woman is now at 100,000. maybe it will help find some clues!

    Marzo, 23, was living in the 3100 block of North 5th Street, Milwaukee, where she was last seen in the late evening hours Dec. 13, 2003, at the residence she shared with her boyfriend.

    Kraemer said she believes her daughter was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her then 37-year-old boyfriend, who is considered a person of interest in the case.

    Kraemer said she and her family became aware of Marzo's violent relationship when her daughter came to them after having been beaten in March 2003, allegedly by her boyfriend.

    Marzo suffered a broken nose, had hunks of her hair pulled out and had been choked.

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    this is just my opinion, it may be wrong, user beware!

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    Exclamation WI-Becky Marie (Kraemer) Marzo Missing from Wisconsin - missing 2003


    There is an old thread about Becky in here but I could not post to it for some reason.

    I am a friend of the Kramer family and have made a new website about Becky's disappearance.


    We are praying that her family can find out what happened to her and have some closure.

    Thanks for your time!

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    The website is very nice. I hope there will be answers soon...it has to be so hard on you all not knowing what became of her.

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    Missing Woman's Ex Commits Suicide

    MILWAUKEE-The 39 year old boyfriend of a woman who's been missing since 2003 was found dead in his apartment Friday.

    Carl A. Rodgers had been questioned but never charged in the disappearance of Becky Marzo of Oconomowoc.

    Rodgers was facing second degree sex assault charges involving another girlfriend.


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    To bad he didn't feel the need to give a death bed confession. His guilt was obviously overwhelming him

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    This story is being featured tonight on 20/20.

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    I watched the 20/20 show. It was good. It didn't seem to slant it, but seemed pretty honest on both sides. Of course it left a lot of questions unanswered because the answers aren't known.

    I do feel for his family, they are having to both grieve and try to defend the name of their son at the same time. But I did notice that they would not say anything bad about him. He was an angel if you listened to their words. I thought it was really interesting that they denied he could have ever abused her- but yet he had a previous conviction for abuse of an ex-wife. His sister used the old "nobody knows what goes on inside another persons relationship" which seems to be the standard mantra for abusers families and also seems code for "she deserved it". Like anything could ever excuse anyone for abusing someone they lived with. And oh yeah, he couldn't have sexually assaulted the woman he lived with after Becky's death either. I wonder what the police would say about his alleged alibi that he was out of state? Oh yeah, they filed charges against him.

    I read about this very early on but hadn't kept up with it, and didn't know about his suicide. Becky's mom has gotten a lot farther with it than I ever thought she would. She deserves a lot of props for that.

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    A possible Jane Doe, had nasal fracture:


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    I just seen Becky's case on 20/20, and Iam hooked. I want so badly to help find her, and let her poor mother have some closure. Let's get to sleuthing and find this girl.

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    I finally got to see this on my Tivo. I just don't see her being alive. She didn't seem savvy or worldly enough to never use her SSN, DL, CC's, etc. Vanishing "back" into prostitution and stripping??? Something that was never proven and if it happened it was brief?? Doubt it. She was only in FL 6 weeks!! Leaving behind a paycheck? Not likely for someone on the run. 400 plus dollars isn't something to leave behind. Did the funeral home have a crematorium? That seems a lot more likely than a burial with another body in a grave. It's the first thing I thought of.

    His family seems defensive and dismissive of any possibility he did it. The sister blows off his violence with the previous wife as a single incident in a long relationship. The stepmother is obviously less biased and more open to the truth, and she thinks he did it. Not sure what to think of June, the new GF who filed rape charges, since the sister claims he had a ROCK SOLID alibi for the day of the rape. Would love to see what LE makes of that alibi. I don't buy the stepdad's take that with no evidence there is no crime. Uhhhhh, no, not necessarily. Very interesting case and I hope they can get answers even though they seem to have gone to the grave with Carl.

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    Bumping because I saw it on the Tyra show (in a rerun). You can check the shows archives-original air date 8/25/09.
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    Oh where are you Becky?

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