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    UK - Child saw frenzied knife attack on mother

    A FOUR-year-old boy has told police how a man "kept stabbing and punching mummy" in a frenzied knife attack that left her with more than 20 knife wounds.
    Detectives in Hull have been horrified by the ferocity of the attack, which they are treating as attempted murder, in the kitchen of a house in Hull.
    The Yorkshire Post understands the victim is 22-year-old mother-of-two Shannon Taylor, who was found in her kitchen in Hereford Street, west Hull, on Thursday afternoon. Her son was with her, and her three-month-old daughter was asleep upstairs.
    The attacker may have been somebody she knew, but police think it possible she disturbed an intruder, possibly one under the influence of drugs because of the ferocity of the attack.
    Several expensive items are missing, including a DVD player, TV, jewellery and clothing. It is not yet known if the knife repeatedly slashed across her throat and head and stabbed into her back was taken from the kitchen.
    It is understood her son saw the whole incident and has given police a detailed account.
    Ms Taylor's boyfriend was at work and came home to find his partner in intensive care.
    Det Supt Ray Higgins of Humberside Police said: "This was a savage and ferocious attack, clearly carried out by somebody in a frenzied state. It could so very easily have been murder and she is still very poorly, although we understand she is out of danger."

    More: http://www.yorkshiretoday.co.uk/View...icleID=1275709

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    David Knowles

    A man described by police as "dangerous and unpredictable" has been jailed for 10-and-a-half years for stabbing a young mother almost to death.

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    A MAN slit his former girlfriend's throat and stabbed her repeatedly in front of her terrified four-year-old son. Then he warned her: "If you don't die in five minutes I am going to finish it off for you."

    Minutes earlier, while standing in the same room, David Knowles had texted mother-of-two Shannon Taylor a bizarre warning, adding: "Don't do anything stupid remember you have got kids.".

    He cut the 24-year-old's throat exposing her windpipe and tried to stab her in the eye but miraculously she survived, although still terribly scarred both physically and mentally. Her child was later to tell officers he had seen "Rocky dab, dabbed Mummy in the eye."...

    Afterwards her mother Pat Collier said she was appalled by the sentence as Knowles could serve just half before being released on licence. She said: "It's not enough. He looked straight at us and said: 'This is not over yet'."

    Friend Sarah Souter said injuries to the young mum's hands meant she still couldn't pick up her baby daughter properly, adding: "Just think of the memories her son has. He will never ever forget when his mum takes off her jacket and he sees the scars."

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