Jealousy over a man motivated a Cleveland woman to drive to Cincinnati to set another woman's house on fire, police say.

The victim, 65-year-old Joyce Riede, lived at 2 Terrace Drive in Woodlawn.

Police say the suspect, 57-year-old Mary Pederi, was upset because Riede was seeing her 72-year-old ex-boyfriend.

Riede told 9News she had never seen the suspect before until the two came face to face at 2 a.m. Friday.

She woke up early Friday morning to hear glass breaking and what she thought was the sound of running water.

"I went to my living room, to the front window, and I could hear water running, coming through the window. I pulled aside a drape and there's a woman there as close as I am to you."

Then, the situation got even more strange, Riede continued:

"She just she just looked at me and like grinned at me. When I said 'you go away,' and she just grinned at me. I was just freaked. I just freaked."

Riede quickly realized it wasn't water but gasoline that Pederi had poured into her home. Riede ran to her basement and called 911: