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    AR - Bridgett Sellers, 23, Marmaduke, May 2003

    Is there a link I missed for this girl? If I missed it, I'm sorry.


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    Stevens had once been convicted of sexual misconduct with her. And it took 2 1/2 years to find her dead on his property, although she was last seen on his property going for a walk.

    How do families like this maintain ties like this? A man who was convicted of sexual misconduct with her, and over the Thanksgiving weekend she's on his property going for a nice stroll.

    I promise I'm not bashing her or her family. But how do these ties continue, here's this guy who was convicted of a felony for abusing her, and he's still in the family and she'll out there walking around alone in his yard.

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    Well done LE they didnt give up and got a second search warrant.
    Sad news for the family but at least they know now.

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    Suspect in missing woman case dies

    published January 12, 2006
    Bulletin Staff Writer

    HORSESHOE BEND A suspect in the disappearance of 21-year-old Bridgett Sellers has died, according to the Sharp County Sheriff's Department.

    Jerry Stevens, 47, died at approximately 1:30 a.m. Tuesday inside his sister's Jonesboro home, according to the Sharp County Sheriff's Department. Detective David Huffmaster with the Sharp County Sheriff's Department said investigators don't think Stevens is the victim of foul play.

    "I don't think it was anything like that," Huffmaster said. "He was suffering from a terminal illness and had been staying with his sister since we searched his property a couple of months ago." In previous interviews, Stevens told Huffmaster he suffered from terminal cancer. Before he died, Stevens received care from Hospice, Huffmaster said.

    In December, investigators found human bones inside Steven's septic tank, located on Peace Valley Road between Horseshoe Bend and Ash Flat. Authorities believe the bones belong to Sellers, who was last seen walking on Peace Valley Road May 9, 2003. Sellers, a mother of three, is Stevens' niece.

    Huffmaster said the bones have been sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab in Little Rock for DNA tests. He said investigators are waiting for the results of the DNA testing.



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    They have officially verified it is her. I think they should still look at the Aunt as an accomplise (sp?) I did not hear before that she had had a terrible argument with the Aunt right before she went missing, over custody of her kids.


    Jones said in a previous interview that her niece left her house after they engaged in a heated argument about the custody of two of Sellers' children, which were staying with Jones at the time. She said Sellers left her house and was never seen again.

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    I agree. And just because he is dead now it doesn't preclude him from involvement in this case or others. In fact, I think it includes him more. The aunt sounds like a mother figure...a sick one but one he would identify with.

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    "We reap what we sow" and I think this pervert must have been doing some reaping lately That was his niece? Her children were staying at the aunts place and the pervert was staying there too? Hopfully he was to sick to do anything to them.

    LE should be taking a long look at the aunt. If they had an argument over the kids then she could very well have murdered her niece to insure keeping the kids...if that was what she was after. Of course the aunt might have been trying to get the mother to take her kids as she was looking after her sick brother.

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