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    NY - Eleanore Kelly, 69, Glens Falls, Aug 2005

    Rescue dogs help search for missing woman

    Eleanore Kelly, 69, has been missing since August and repeated searches have turned up empty.
    On Saturday, the search resumed off Quaker Road in Queensbury. This weekend, volunteer rescue dog groups from New York, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are combing the area for clues.

    New Hampshire Rescue Volunteer Andrea Stone said, "I'll be searching myself for anything that I see on the ground and in the trees. The dog will also be scenting in the air."

    More: http://www.capitalnews9.com/content/...sp?ArID=159482

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    Past Stories

    Rescue dogs to help search for missing woman

    Police and rescue crews aren't giving up on a Glens Falls woman who has been missing for months. The Adirondack Rescue Dog Association will now help in the search for 69-year-old Eleanore Kelly.

    The Schenectady-based group is planning another search for Kelly next weekend, if the weather cooperates.
    Kelly has Alzheimer's disease, and has been missing since August. The group will bring dogs from throughout New England in hopes of finding some links to Kelly.


    New information on missing woman

    Police said that 69-year-old Eleanor Kelly may have been spotted on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Kelly has been missing since earlier this month and suffers from Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
    A Lake Luzerne couple driving on the Mass Pike on Thursday afternoon said they saw someone hitchhiking that resembled Kelly. They told officials they saw the woman walking between exits 2 and 3 in Western Massachusetts.

    Police said she was believed to have gotten in a gray car. The hitchhiker had a cane, but Kelly was not known to use one.


    Authorities searching for missing woman

    Neighbors said Eleanor Kelly, 69, of Glens Falls has been known to wander away from her Stewart Avenue home in the past, but never for this long.
    Yesenia Cannon said, "She wandered before, and people found her and brought her home. She always knows where she lives and comes back home. This is kind of mysterious that she has been gone for this long."

    Bob Monrian said, "She wouldn't hurt nobody. She would always come out and walk and never bothered anybody. A few waves now and then, but she was harmless."

    Police said Kelly was first reported missing on Monday afternoon by her son's girlfriend. Kelly suffers from Alzheimer's Disease and dementia. She was living at her home with a roommate. Captain Joe Bethel of the Glens Falls Police Department said they are conducting an extensive search of the area.


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    Cannot find an archive of the article that stated the following:

    This was posted by Posting Goddess on the C&J Forum ( don't know if I am allowed to link to that forum)

    "Body identified as missing Glens Falls woman

    Updated: 5/3/2006 9:32:40 PM
    By DON LEHMAN, dlehman@poststar.com

    FORT EDWARD -- Dental record comparisons allowed police to confirm Wednesday that the body found in a field over the weekend was that of a Glens Falls woman who disappeared last summer.

    Washington County Sheriff Roger Leclaire said the remains have been identified as those of 69-year-old Eleanore J. Kelly, but police still don't know how she died.

    In fact, Leclaire said the decomposition and state of the remains may preclude a determination. Police said the body had been accidentally run over by an excavator before it was found Saturday by property owner Ennio Ruggi."
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    "Police said the body had been accidentally run over by an excavator before it was found Saturday by property owner Ennio Ruggi."

    Good Lord! At least she can have a proper burial..
    I think they should make some kind of GPS tracking devices for those with Alzheimer's so that they can be found quickly.

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