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    PA - Marjorie West, 4, McKean County, 8 May 1938

    Illegal adoption agencies occasionally kidnapped children to "supply" their high paying clients with a child to their liking and description. This story has me curious and truly wondering if she really IS alive somewhere out there.

    What do you think? There's also a $10,000 reward if someone actually finds her. BTW, she also went missing on mothers day. Terribly sad.




    I guess I should have given more background. This child disappeared in 1938 in the height of illegal adoption groups all over the country. There is a very good chance she was picked up by a broker for them who was "hunting" to get a child to their liking. I personally think that the "parents" of this adopted child probably didn't know they were getting a kidnapped child as well. It's very interesting and I think the only way someone will "find her" is that they will come across the website pictures and think it looks something like their great aunt or second cousin...etc...
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    That is so terrible and sad. I really hope she is alive and is found.Her poor parents had to go to their graves not knowing what happened to her. It always amazes me how quickly someone can vanish, only out of sight for a moment...And what sickos these people were who stole these children, absolutely no conscience. Just sick.

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    so sad, when i was driving the other day i saw 2 little boys outside on the side of their house playing with the water im sure the mother was inside and i would hope she was watching from the window, the nighborhood was a safe one but u just never know, and then one day i was watching my godson at my grandmas he gets the school bus at her house, she was runnig errands with my aunt i told my godson to stay in the porch and watch for the bus, then i went over with him the dangers of standing outside alone, and talking to strangers

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    I just got around to reading this thread. Contrast this story and the article linked to the story from my thread, Missing in WV. It definitely seems that the adoption theory has some credence....

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    Marjorie West Missing since May 8, 1938 from McKean County, PA

    Marjorie West
    Missing since May 8, 1938 from McKean County, Pennsylvania.
    Classification: Missing

    Vital Statistics

    Date Of Birth: June 1934
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 3 years old
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Red hair; blue eyes.

    Circumstances of Disappearance

    Marjorie attended a church service with her family members in Bradford, Pennsylvania during the morning hours of May 8, 1938. Her parents decided to have a Mother's Day picnic afterwards in the White Gravel area, which was a 40-minute drive from Bradford. They drove south along US Route 219, following an old railroad grade from Custer City to Marshburg, Pennsylvania. The Wests entered the White Gravel area from Chapel Fork Road in McKean County.

    Marjorie picked wildflowers with her older sister Dorothea later during the day. Dorothea recalled that their parents warned them against walking behind a large boulder near the flowers. She said their father and brother checked the area, but there was a chance that rattlesnakes were hiding near the rock.
    Dorothea left Marjorie alone while she spoke to their mother at approximately 3:00 PM. Marjorie disappeared by the time her sister returned to the area. She has never been heard from again. The girls' mother called the police after an initial search of the area by family members produced no evidence as to Marjorie's whereabouts. Police searched with bloodhounds around the rock and down to the road where the scent trail stopped; there near the road were the violets that Marjorie had picked earlier.

    Witnesses reported that two vehicles drove past the Wests' picnic site prior to Marjorie's disappearance. The first was going south to Morrison just before three o'clock. The second was going toward Marshburg just after three. Authorities identified the cars and neither was involved in her case.

    A taxi driver in Thomas, West Virginia claimed that he saw a girl matching Marjorie's description riding in a dark-colored sedan with an unidentified man. The sighting took place at 11:38 PM on the night of her disappearance. The driver said that the individual asked him where the nearest motel was located. The driver directed him to an establishment across the street, which did not have any vacancies. The man returned and inquired about a local liquor store. The driver instructed him to stop at a bar down the road. The driver identified Marjorie as the man's passenger several days later, but man's identity remains a mystery.

    Investigators determined that the approximate travel time along US Route 219 between the White Gravel area and Thomas, West Virginia was eight hours. If the individual abducted Marjorie around 3:00 PM, they would have arrived in Thomas by 11:00 - 11:30 PM that evening. Authorities were unable to confirm the child's identity.

    There was speculation that Marjorie was taken to Canada by other family members, while others theorized that she may have fallen down an abandoned oil well near White Gravel. Some people believed that Marjorie may have been abducted and taken somewhere in the south or southwestern United States.
    Additional speculation pointed towards the Tennessee Children's Home Society near Memphis, Tennessee. The facility was operated by Georgia Tann, who was initially lauded for placing at-risk children in adoptive homes. Authorities eventually learned that Tann had kidnapped over 1200 young children during the years 1932 through 1951. The majority of victims were abducted from states bordering Tennessee, although some children resided in Connecticut. Judge Camille Kelly approved Tann's custody bids for the majority of the victims. Tann placed most of the children with childless couples in New York City, New York or Los Angeles, California.

    None of the theories have been proven and no one has been implicated in Marjorie's disappearance.

    Marjorie's sister, Dorothea strongly resembles Marjorie and her photos are posted on the Doenet website. Marjorie's case remains unsolved.
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    The Mountain Laurel Review 814-362-5281 OR 814-368-1463

    Source Information:
    The Mountain Laurel Review
    The Doe Network: Case File 799DFPA


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    Lightbulb More stuff!!!

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    It would certainly be nice if a family took Marjorie and lovingly raised her as their own daughter. But if she was the child with the man in the car, and he was looking for a motel room and liquor, it doesn't look good.

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    One of the links in the post got merged with the link below it. So I am quoting it and attempting to fix the links at the same time. I hope it helps.

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    A little girl from Pennsylvania...

    It has been a while since anyone has posted to this thread. I wonder if the pedophile mentioned recently by a convict as having killed children in the late 1950's and early 1960's was abducting and killing children as early as 1938?

    A little side note: Bradford, PA is where Zippo lighters are made.

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    Mothers Day 69 Years ago...

    It has been 69 years since the disappearance of Marjorie West.

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    This case has haunted me ever since I first read about it. I pray this family can get some closure.

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    Could this be Marjorie West? Hair color/age match. Just wondering..


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    Here is a link to another thread in this forum:

    Marjorie West Missing since May 8, 1938 from McKean County, PA - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community


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    I'm curious about the Dorothea West photos- other than the fact that she resembles Marjorie, was there another reason why they're posted?

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