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    CA - Fernando Ruben-Minon, 34, Clearlake, 12 Feb 2017

    On Feb. 9, Ruben-Minon borrowed his motherís silver 2016 Kia Soul, allegedly to see a friend in Santa Rosa, but he never returned. Instead, he sent her a text stating he would return Feb. 14.

    When Feb. 16 came and Ruben-Minonís mother still had not word from her son, she filed a missing person report.

    Detectives found that Ruben-Minon had traveled to Clearlake in Lake County and stayed with people he knew, but left on Feb. 12. His last known phone call was from a Clearlake pizza restaurant on that day.

    Ruben-Minon is developmentally disabled, but high functioning. Heís known to be very social and likes to spend time in cafes.


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    Any updates for this case?
    It concerns me because the development delays and that he's very social. Someone could take advantage of him.

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    It should be easy to find the car.. hmmm


    On 02/09/17, 34 year old Fernando Ruben-Minon of Rohnert Park borrowed his mother’s silver in color 2016 Kia Soul, California license plate 7VHS422, and said he was going to a friend’s house in Santa

    Through follow up investigation, it appears the last known contact anyone has had with Ruben-Minon was on 02/12/17. Ruben-Minon had contacted and stayed with some people in Clearlake, in Lake County, and they said he left the house on 02/12/17. The last known phone call from Ruben-Minon’s phone was to a pizza restaurant in Clearlake on 02/12/17 as well.

    Ruben-Minon has not contacted his mother or anyone else we are aware of since 02/12/17, and it appears his cell phone is off. Per his mother, Ruben-Minon has some health concerns and did not take his medication with him, and he is a high functioning developmentally disabled adult. Ruben-Minon is known to frequent coffee shops, and he is very social with people.

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