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    Former N.Y.P.D. Sergeant Sentenced to 3 Years for Raping Girl

    Websleuths needs a category called, "News That Makes Your Head Explode" because this next story should be the first story in the new forum.

    From the New York Times Article:

    During an emotional sentencing at the Bronx County Hall of Justice on Monday, Vladimir Krull, a former police sergeant who was convicted of sexually abusing his girlfriend’s teenage daughter on three occasions, did not look at the complainant as she made a tearful statement to the judge.


    In total, he said, Mr. Krull would serve four three-year sentences and four one-year sentences, to be served concurrently, plus five years of post-release supervision


    Judge Lester B Adler doesn't seem to be one of those crazy judges that make bad rulings all the time. The judge was rightfully appalled and angry it appeared at the defendant.

    Makes my head explode..

    How about you?


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    A handful of years for ruining a girl's entire life. Just par for the course with rape cases

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tawny View Post
    A handful of years for ruining a girl's entire life. Just par for the course with rape cases
    Yes. We see this so many times. The laws need to change and be much stricter for rape and sexual assault. These people serve a few years in prison and a few months after release they're repeat offenders; and often they escalate. The law should not allow concurrent sentences. Throw the book at them and make them pay for what they've done to another human being! Don't give them opportunity to find another victim!
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    Cop in a New York prison for raping a teenager. Not saying the sentence isn't light, but those are going to be some hard years for him.

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