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    AL - Jefferson Co, Unksex&race UP15338, 18-99, skull off Blue Creek Road, Apr'02

    NamUs UP 15338


    Unidentified Body/Remains (Unknown Sex & Race)

    Found April 12, 2002 in Jefferson County, AL
    Body Condition: Not recognizable - partial skeletal parts only
    Probable year of death: to

    Vital Statistics
    Estimated age: 18-99
    Approximate Height: cannot estimate
    Approximate Weight: cannot estimate
    Hair Color: Unknown
    Eye Color: Unknown
    Scars and marks: nothing

    Clothing & Accessories
    Clothing: nothing
    Jewerly: nothing
    Footwear: nothing
    Accessories: nothing

    Fingerprints: Fingerprint information is not available
    Dentals: Dental information / charting is not available
    DNA: Complete - insufficient DNA for profiling

    Case History:
    Turkey hunters discovered a partial skull in a heavily wooded area, accessed by a mining road off of Blue Creek Road in Adger, AL. A search of the area obtained no additional human remains.
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    This is not far from where Brenda Green went missing, all thou it would be hard to determine not knowing the race or sex


    You would have to know the area to get there it would not be a place you would stumble upon, rather a rural back road.

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    Help Identify Lake Pontchartrain Jane Doe - Slidell, Louisiana - June 19, 1986

    Red/Brown (Auburn) Hair, 5'2-5'4, 20-30 yrs old, perfect teeth absence of wisdom, Scars; right knee, abdomen, right wrist, prior right hip injury, possible nose surgery, breast implants, 8-12 wks pregnant, marking of a ring left hand ring finger

    LSU Faces: http://identifyla.lsu.edu/profile.php?id=383
    NAMUS: https://identifyus.org/cases/852
    Doe: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/16ufla.html

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