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    Two small planes collide,crash @mall,Promenades St-Bruno,Montreal

    Last Updated: March 17, 2017 1:23 PM EDT
    The shopping complex is very close to the St-Hubert airport, a hub for private planes and flying schools. One of the planes had a Cargair logo on it. The website for the flight school was unavailable.

    More to come when it is available.

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    Police say one of the planes has landed on the roof of the Promenades Saint-Bruno, while the other is in the parking lot.
    It is not known how many people were aboard.
    A security perimeter has been set up and the shopping centre has been evacuated.
    Witnesses described hearing a loud bang.
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    Sad for the family of the young man who lost his life, this situation could have been much worse, imo.

    A 21-year-old man is dead and a 23-year-old man critically injured after two small Cessna 152 planes collided in mid-air in Saint-Bruno on Montreal's South Shore.

    The injured pilot's life is not in danger, Longueuil police said. Two other people were also taken to hospital for shock.

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    'The conditions were perfect'; Flight school at a loss for cause of mid-air plane collision
    Mar 18, 2017

    MONTREAL — Cargair, the school that was training two pilots who crashed mid-air over a South Shore mall Friday, does not think mechanical problems, the weather or language barriers were factors in the accident.

    The students — both from China — were studying to be airline pilots. One of them died, the other was seriously injured. There were no passengers on the planes, both of which had taken off from the nearby St-Hubert Airport.

    One of the planes ended up in Promenades Saint-Bruno’s parking lot, the other on the mall’s roof.

    “The cause is not obvious,” Daniel Adams, operations manager and director of flight safety at Cargair, said in an interview. He said it’s the first such incident in the company’s history.

    On Friday, “there was no reason to think something like this could happen. The conditions were perfect. It was a storm of good weather: there was no wind, it was magnificent, the visibility was excellent. So what happened?”

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