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    OH - Robert Slack, 61, Huron, July 2006

    I saw that this fellow was identified in recent DoeNetwork updates. I wasn't sure where I should start a thread since I couldn't find one for either the MP or UID. I decided to start it in Cold Cases, even though foul play wasn't necessarily* involved, because the circumstances are rather odd.

    If one of the moderators thinks that it should be somewhere else, please move it to wherever you think is appropriate...

    Also, I haven't seen a single thing about this in local (Louisville-area) news. I'd heard about the UID, but I think that was because of his entry on DoeNetwork. And I lived within "walking distance for a lazy person" (Ĺ-mile at the absolute most) of Cherokee/Seneca Parks (i.e. Beargrass Creek) when he was found, but don't remember hearing anything about it in the local news.

    A little off topic, but in searching around, I saw a headline that said something about somebody making beer out of Beargrass Creek water. Gross! It's the creek in Cherokee Park that has signs along the bank that basically say something to the effect of "If you touch this raunchy water, you'll probably grow an extra limb or two and a few more eyeballs or just drop dead."
    I also saw some stories about several other bodies found in the creek that I'd never heard about. And this is definitely not what I'd call a "bad" part of town. But I'm not really sure about exactly where in Beargrass Creek that he was found.

    Doe Network Case File: 1101UMKY
    Estimated Age: 30-60 years old
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Height: 68 inches
    Weight: 199 lbs
    Hair Color: Dark colored, 2-2.5 inch long hair.
    Eye Color: Unknown
    Distinguishing Marks/Features: Unknown
    Dentals: Available; Healed fracture (or osteotomy) of jaw with wire fixation. Residual root tip #14.
    Fingerprints: Not available
    DNA: Available. (FBI NMPDD)
    The victim was located floating in Beargrass Creek near the Ohio River in Louisville, KY
    Robert Slack
    Robert Slack, 61, of Sandusky, Ohio, was last seen in July 2006 while riding his bike. He was discovered on July 15, 2006 in Louisville, Kentucky, a drowning victim. He remained a John Doe (1101UMKY) until he was identified via DNA in 2016.
    The main mystery now involved in his case is how he wound up in Louisville and drowning there. He was last seen in Sandusky, OH and only had a bicycle for transportation. That's on the opposite (northern) side of Ohio from the Kentucky border. Nobody seems to know how/why he wound up in Louisville.

    Here are some stories from Sandusky that I found via the links on DoeNetwork. He'd apparently been identified last year, but the ID was just now noted on Doenetwork.

    Police look for missing man
    Sandusky Register (Sandusky, OH)
    Robert Slack, 61, fell off the map shortly after September 2006, according to Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell.

    A family member of Slack, who hadn't seen the man in 27 years, contacted police earlier this month — she'd heard Slack was last living in the Sandusky area and was hoping to track him down to settle an estate.
    Slack, who lived at 527 E. Market St., was last seen by his landlord in late 2006.

    It was out of character for Slack to make late rent payments, so the landlord headed over to his home to see why he was behind.

    But Slack was simply gone; his apartment looked as if he was still living there.

    Newell said that it didn't appear he moved out at all.
    But as the months went on, police discovered there was a rash of unusual account activities.

    Slack, or someone, continued making withdrawals from ATMs in Ohio until the account was drained completely by 2011, Newell said.

    Additionally, Newell has been unable to find any trace of Slack since 2006: no mention of him in police reports, general incidents, or government documents.
    *The more recent bank activity seems to be the only thing I could find that would indicate any foul play*

    Sandusky man washed up as John Doe decade ago
    Sandusky Register (Sandusky, OH)
    The sister of a Sandusky man whose body surfaced in Kentucky nearly a decade ago is asking the public for help in uncovering what happened to her brother in the days leading up to his death.

    Robert Slack, 61, of East Market Street, was last seen in 2006, riding his bike near Huron. A few weeks later, his body, at the time identified as John Doe, was discovered in Louisville.

    Now, Slack's relatives are searching for answers — and hope the community will be able to help.
    A few months ago, a DNA match was made — Wichman learned Slack's body had washed up in August 2006 in a tributary of the Ohio River, in Beargrass Creek, Louisville.

    Officials in Kentucky were unable to identify Slack back in 2006, and listed him as a 'John Doe' in their records. A coroner had ruled his death consistent with drowning
    "He was a fairly reclusive person and didn't associate with a lot of people. He didn't have any means of transportation except his bike,” said Wichman. “So we're still trying to figure out or explain how he got from Sandusky Ohio, to his body being recovered in Louisville, Kentucky.”

    Wichman said it was possible Slack's body moved down the Ohio River for a short period, but that still wouldn't explain how he traversed such a great distance.

    Slack's bicycle, meanwhile, was never recovered or seen again.
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