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    CA- Capitola, 3/19/17, father shoots daughter, himself while at mall

    the mom and dad were shopping with their child when for some unknown reason he took his daughter to the car and killed them both!


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    Lawrd Have Mercy... What is going on in these peoples head now-a-days

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    Help Identify Lake Pontchartrain Jane Doe - Slidell, Louisiana - June 19, 1986

    Red/Brown (Auburn) Hair, 5'2-5'4, 20-30 yrs old, perfect teeth absence of wisdom, Scars; right knee, abdomen, right wrist, prior right hip injury, possible nose surgery, breast implants, 8-12 wks pregnant, marking of a ring left hand ring finger

    LSU Faces: http://identifyla.lsu.edu/profile.php?id=383
    NAMUS: https://identifyus.org/cases/852
    Doe: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/16ufla.html

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    Did they have a fight? Why couldn't he have just shot himself why do they always take innocent children with them. ugh

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    Absolutely horrible

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    What is done in the dark will be brought into the light.

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    I hate these cases. I mourn for this child whose life was taken. I mourn for the child's classmates whose innocence has been lost with the knowledge that a parent might kill their child.

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    Man who murdered daughter at Capitola Mall was on drugs, toxicology report finds

    Carlos Garcia, 36, of Watsonville, was under the influence of methadone -- a powerful painkiller used to treat heroin addicts --, as well as methamphetamine, and marijuana, Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office Chris Clark said.

    Out of the three drugs, methadone was the most prevalent in Garcia's system, with 15 nanograms per milliliter.
    "We likely will never know what caused him to kill his child. That's very frustrating to everybody," Police Chief Terry McManus said.

    Whether Garcia's mental health struggles lead him to abuse drugs, or whether drugs lead him to experience mental health struggles, is difficult to determine, the police chief said.

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