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    Angry IL - Owner of puppies that froze could face charges, Cahokia

    Owner of puppies that froze could face charges

    The owner of four puppies that perished in sub-freezing temperatures when left outside this week told a Cahokia code enforcement officer Thursday that she didn't want to disturb the newborn dogs by touching them to bring them inside, the officer said.

    "She's denying everything," said officer Charles Robinson, who also works part time as a Cahokia police officer. Robinson found the litter Wednesday after he was inspecting a nearby home and a construction worker told him of a chained dog that didn't have food or water.

    More: http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/new...C?OpenDocument

    Rescued litter of 4 puppies found in Cahokia who survived.

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    Proper punishment for this wierdo would be to spend at least one night outside with nothing for warmth, it makes me so mad that these people take the responsibility of animals and then leave them outside when it is freezing..one of my neighbors has a dog that would sit outside and CRY and wail ALL night long...I took it upon myself to talk to the owners about it and the dog goes in at night now. Some people are just stuck on stupid!

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    Why did she think she couldn't touch them? The puppy third from the left of the surviving pups picture looks like the 6 puppies I have now. They are all inside, as is the mother, and it's not as cold here as it is there.

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    This kind of stuff just ticks me off! We have neighbors as well that are stuck on stupid as far as leaving their animals out. Poor things (the animals...not the stupid owners). We've called and left notes and even spoken to them face-to-face. Luckily, they're not mean, cruel people...just ignorant and we helped educate them in the care of their animals. Even sticking an animal outside in terribly hot weather is cruel, too. Where I live, it's usually bitterly cold in the winter and really hot & humid in the summer (MN - anyone guess that, by any chance? ).

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    I remember when I was a kid I was told that if you touch baby animals when they are very young then the mother will smell human presence on them and refuse to take care of them. I don't know if this is true or not.....I'm wondering if (crazy as the logic is) that she thought this would happen.

    Also, I think some (ignorant) people think that animals fur somehow magically keeps them warmer than ordinary clothes that people wear. Like when Horses or cows are outside in the winter.
    I'm not sure if this woman was ignorant or just plain evil....

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    People should need a license to own an animal.

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