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    NJ - Jacquellyne Sturgill, 28, Washington Twp, March 2017

    Jacquellyne Marie Sturgill - Endangered
    Philadelphia County - March 2017

    Jacquellyne Marie Sturgill
    White / Female / 28 Years Old

    Philadelphia County is in South-Eastern, PA.

    1)) https://www.facebook.com/search/top/...20new%20jersey

    2)) http://www.nj.com/gloucester-county/...illy_cops.html

    Check-Back Package:

    Some PA Prosecutions:

    A1)) https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/Docket...U-0007830-2015

    A2)) http://blog.phillypolice.com/

    B)) State-by-State Incarcerated - VINE®LinkS:


    C)) NamUs :: National missing & Unidentified persons system:


    D)) A Veteran?:


    E)) Trailing Dog Article:


    F)) A$ Alway$ :: PA Crime$topper$
    Anonymou$ Reward :: 1-800-4PA-TIPS
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    I know that area well.

    IF they suspect she is there, why do they not just go there?

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    Convincing Our Non-Residents to Accept Shelter & Treatment

    Quote Originally Posted by TMAN2014 View Post

    Respectfully Paraphrased:

    "... why don't they just go there?
    So many Questions-without-Answers:

    Is She wanted by New Jersey LE / Law Enforcement?

    Is their Arrest Warrant valid in Pennsylvania?

    Is New Jersey LE willing to spend their Time & Money?


    Will Philadelphia LE prosecute for minor charges
    similar to Panhandling?

    Is Philadelphia County willing to House her awaiting trial?

    Is Philadelphia County willing to pay for
    a Psychological Evaluation? followed by Hospitalization?

    PA Voluntary (201) vs. IN-Voluntary (302)
    Mental Health Commitments:

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    I am trying to finish reading but dinner...who reported het missing? Any local family or friends to check on her??
    Will read more after dinner : )

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