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    FL - Deborah Liles, 62, murdered in her Jacksonville home, 23 March 2017

    This is incredibly sad.

    A beloved veteran music teacher and married mother-of-five was found slain outside her Florida home with her car missing last week, and days later her family and homicide investigators are still looking for answers.

    Deborah Liles, 62, was discovered unresponsive by her husband, Michael, in the driveway of their home on East 59th Street in Jacksonville on Thursday afternoon. Her death was ruled a homicide.


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    oh no

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    Police recovered the stolen car off Golfair Boulevard Saturday, but did not say if they found any evidence inside it.


    Deborah Liles car was found late Saturday afternoon on Notter Avenue-- off Golfair Boulevard. So far, no suspects have been arrested in her death.

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    Awful, awful story. Was reading about it earlier - apparently Deborah was beaten during another home robbery some years back and the perp was caught.

    Her husband seems so heartbroken. So sorry this happened.

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    Such a sad story! Crimes happening in broad daylight. These murderers seem to have no fear. I wonder how far away from home her car was located? Praying they find whomever did this.

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    24 year old arrested


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An arrest has been made in the murder investigation of Deborah Liles, a local elementary school music teacher who was found dead in her Panama Park home on March 23.
    Adam Lawson Jr., 24, was arrested Sunday, for the murder of Liles.

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