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    7 Teens arrested after student locked in locker

    A 15-year-old student and basketball player at Prairieville Middle School was booked with false imprisonment and six other players were booked as principals to the crime after they locked a 13-year-old student in a locker for 30 to 40 minutes last week, Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Tony Bacala said Wednesday. "This was a prank that went well overboard . This kid was brutalized and we had to do something," Bacala said.

    The students who put the victim in the locker closed it and put a padlock on it, Bacala said. Bacala also said the victim was taunted, and one of the students sprayed deodorant in the holes of the locker from an aerosol can. Those vent holes in the locker were also stuffed with paper, Bacala said.

    Bacala said that when the victim's mother arrived at school to pick her son up from basketball practice, she became concerned because she couldn't find him. Eventually, the student who pushed the victim in the locker went into the locker room with the boy's mother and unlocked the lock and released the student.


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    Spraying deodorant into the locker and stuffing the holes sounds like they wanted the poor kid dead.

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    This type of bullying wouldn't be tolerated by adults and a kid shouldn't have to endure it either. Throw the book at those bullies who could have killed that boy.

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    If the young man in the locker had asthma, he'd be dead with the crap they sprayed into it. At the very least, I think the prosecutors should consider assault with a deadly weapon.

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    Seems to me like these kids were bullies which is not tolerable.

    But This is what kids do.
    My question is Why where they all unsupervised?? WHere the hell was the adult? Coach?

    Its a fact that kids do awful things when adults are not around. Not always but often enough that they can make their own decisions legally until age 18.
    I don't think this was a criminal act. These are teenagers with less then formed brains. That is why they have adults that are legally responsible for them.

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    arrested>?????! RIGHT ON! hope they get to spend a few very uncomfortable nights in jail, with plenty of time to think about how stupid what they did was.