A woman was run over by her own car Thursday night after she left it running as she shopped and a thief stole it.

The woman, who was not identified, left the car in a parking lot ... about 8:20 p.m., said Minneapolis police spokesman Ron Reier.

"She comes out of the Village Market, she sees her car ... and somebody is trying to drive it away," Reier said. "She jumps in front of the car as it's exiting the driveway. She's saying, 'Stop, stop, stop.' "

Police said the driver hit her and kept going.

Police said she was taken to an area hospital and is in critical condition.
"It was very sad," said Mohamud Isse, who was shopping at the market. "Blood covered all her face."

A vigil for the woman is scheduled for 8:30 tonight at East 24th Street and 10th Ave. South.