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    WA/MT/MO/AL - Charles Thurman Sinclair, Coin Shop Killer, 1980-90

    Number of victims-Unknown
    Date of arrest: August 13, 1990
    Died of heart attack in jail before trial on October 30, 1990

    David Sutton-Everett, Washington-January 27, 1980-shot in the head
    Thomas Rohr-Mishawaka, Indiana-August 28, 1985
    Robert Linton-Brinnon, Washington-August 22, 1986-the body has never been located
    Dagmar Linton-Brinnon, Washington-August 22, 1986-the body has never been located
    Ruben Lucky Williams-Vacaville, California-November 1, 1986-shot in the head
    Leo Cashatt-Spokane, Washington-July 14, 1987-shot in the head
    Jay Cook-Monroe, Snohomish County-November 26, 1987-beaten and strangled.
    Tanya Van Cuylenborg-Alger, Skagit County.-November 22, 1987-sexually assaulted, then shot in the head
    LeRoy Hoffman-Kansas City, Missouri-March 12, 1988
    Amanda Stavik-Bellingham Nooksack River-November 24, 1989-strangled
    David Sutton-Everett, Washington-June 27, 1990
    Charles Sparboe-Billings, Montana-31 July 1990-shot in the head
    Catharine Newstrom-Billings, Montana-31 July 1990-shot in the head

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    Fascinating stuff told by the sole survivor of Charles Sinclair's murderous habits. Thank you for posting the Coin Shop Serial Killer Survivor's story.

    That framed piece hanging above his sofa appears to have some nice banknotes in it; possibly some uncut sheets of currency but will need to check it out on a larger screen. Thanks, again, as I had forgotten about Sinclair.

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    Quite a lengthy archived article on Charles Sinclair:

    Suspect in Murder Spree Takes Secrets to the Grave : Serial killings: Detectives are convinced the man who died in Alaska cell left trail of bodies across West.

    BILLINGS, Mont. — When Charles Thurman Sinclair died of a heart attack in an Anchorage, Alaska, jail cell last month, he was mourned by his family and by dozens of detectives in police departments from Missouri to Alaska.

    His relatives saw the loss of a sportsman and loving family man. Detectives, however, lost the chance to question the man they are convinced left a trail of bodies across the West. Police and the FBI have linked Sinclair, 44, a former coin-shop owner, to 11 homicides, one attempted murder and two rapes. He may be responsible for 15 murders, authorities believe.

    The murders began 10 years ago. Many victims were coin dealers who were also robbed. But it wasn't until this summer that investigators in several states, who had been trying to solve separate crimes, suddenly realized they were all looking for the same man.


    "We all felt (Sinclair) was a serial killer of the same stature of oTed Bundy," he said, referring to the now executed Florida sex murderer who was convicted of three murders but suspected of dozens more.

    "We are still working on known and unknown crimes," FBI special agent Ken Marischen said in Anchorage. "There's a lot of unanswered questions. The only one we know knew the whole story took it to the grave with him."

    The break came when police in Billings, Mont., began investigating the July 31 murders of Charles Sparboe, a 60-year-old coin shop owner, and his assistant Catharine Newstrom, 47. Both had been shot in the head. Some $54,000 in coins and gold was taken from Sparboe's shop.

    A composite drawing of the suspect provided by Sparboe's son and a description of the crime sent out by Billings police triggered recognition in several squad rooms.

    The common link between most of the murders was coins. A killer, a beguiling character who talked a lot, would go to a coin shop, often many times, pretending to be a customer, but in fact stalking his victims. The victims would get used to seeing him. Then one day he would return, usually near closing time, rob and shoot to kill with a small-caliber weapon--always in the head.


    Much more at link^

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    OMG thank you! I have been away and just found out that a book has been written about my father- by the DA/Judge Ronn Couillard. He is pinning 2 murders on him now- I am devastated

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    This was meant for another page- sorry

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