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    Live stream of sex assault on 6-year-old boy in U.S. by Canadian.

    Police discovered the live stream while investigating child porn charges against the man

    By Donna Lee, CBC News Posted: Mar 30, 2017
    A 45-year-old Winnipeg man faces child exploitation charges after police discovered a live stream of a six-year-old boy being sexually assaulted in the United States.

    Greg Alan Jamieson was arrested on Monday and charged with making child pornography, sexual interference and agreeing to or arranging a sexual offence against a child for the purposes of child exploitation and making child pornography.
    Jamieson has also been charged with four counts of breaking his bail conditions for having contact with children and accessing the internet.
    He was already facing charges of possessing and making child pornography after investigators found child sexual abuse images, involving victims as young as eight months old, at a Winnipeg home in November 2016.
    The person in the U.S. was "directed to commit various sexual assaults against the child" by an individual in Winnipeg, police allege.

    Police know little about the victim, but believe the child was six years old and in the care of the American. It's not known where in the United States the assault took place.

    "We know that … investigators here, and our counterparts in the U.S. who are actively working with Winnipeg police, have not been able to identify either … the suspect who's doing the assaults or the victim at this point in time," Winnipeg police Const. Rob Carver told reporters on Thursday.

    "That is still ongoing, which is why we're still working with U.S. law enforcement, Homeland Security, to see if we can ultimately identify this child and locate them."

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    *Warning: This story contains disturbing details.

    A Winnipeg man is facing multiple child sexual abuse charges after an assault against a six-year-old was live-streamed on social media from the U.S.

    Calling it a "difficult" press release to write, Winnipeg police Const. Rob Carver explained how Greg Alan Jamieson, 45, was arrested March 27 following a lengthy investigation.

    The police service's Internet child exploitation unit (ICE) was first alerted to child sexual abuse images from a Winnipeg-based IP address in mid-2016. It was the National Centre for Missing Exploited Children – a non-government organization in the States similar to the Winnipeg-based cybertip.ca – that notified police.
    Signy Arnason, director of cybertip.ca, said 70 per cent of child sexual abuse occurs in a home setting. She said we need a "wakeup call" that there are people out there with sexually deviant behaviour towards children.

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    This is so disturbing.

    It's dreadful they don't know who the child and perpetrator are.

    Makes my heart weep.

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    so disgusting. Hope this leads to further arrests.
    "Thats a picture of you, correct?
    And the other one is a picture of your dumb sister"


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    When I read about the couple trying to sell their baby on craigslist this was the first thing I thought. If the child here was given up by parents who didn't want him will anyone recognize him?

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