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    Any updates? I think of Makayla often. May her killer be brought to justice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitana1 View Post
    Poor little girl. Tragic case. Expected but still horrifying.
    I will await a murder charge.
    Thanks gitana.
    I find it very disappointing that some of these 'poor souls' get very little publicity.
    We are all equal.

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    I just found this, posted on July 28, 2017:

    Demolition of home from Makayla Chang investigation begins.
    Setting foot on the soon to be levelled property, where his murdered 16-year-old daughter was last seen alive, gives Kerry chills.

    "Yeah It's haunting," said Kerry. "This is the last place where she was really known to be so. From here this is really where this whole story begins."

    However, not even Makayla's family knows where her body was found in May. Chang says RCMP are still giving them no answers.
    On July 31, the house will be torn down to pave way for a mall. Others are welcoming the change as it now stands as a daily sad reminder of Makayla in the neighbourhood. Kerry wants to see it go too but hopes his daughter's story isn't forgotten with it since so many questions about what happened to her are still unanswered.

    So sad. Waiting for justice for Makayla...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmar View Post
    Thanks gitana.
    I find it very disappointing that some of these 'poor souls' get very little publicity.
    We are all equal.
    I'm with you tmar....& there are far too many

    Missing B.C. woman confirmed dead in apparent homicide

    Chelsey Gauthier, 22, was last seen in Abbotsford on July 27

    Don't believe EVERYTHING you think.

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    Bump for Makayla.

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    Still no updates? No arrest?
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    A couple of recent articles, but no there is no arrest, not a peep from RCMP...



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