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    Talking REAL news that makes you smile!!! It's HappyNews.com!!!

    Carrie Rodgers is so engrossed by cable-television news shows that her husband calls her a news addict, but lately she has found another source to balance the onslaught of stories about war, crime and natural disasters.

    Two or three times a day, the 28-year-old insurance agent in Columbia, S.C., turns to a Web site called HappyNews.com.

    She often clicks first to a section called "Heroes," which recently featured stories about U.S. troops rescuing two cheetah cubs in Ethiopia and the induction of 12 people into the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans.

    "There's so much going on in the world that is so sad," Rodgers said. "You can go anywhere and find depressing news. I'm glad somebody has stepped up and shown there are still good people in the world."

    HappyNews is the brainchild of Byron Reese, chief executive of Austin, Texas-based PageWise Inc., which publishes several how-to and advice Web sites. He decided the world needed a refuge from all the unpleasantness served up by newspapers and television news shows, so he launched HappyNews in July.

    "This is asking the question, what is news?" Reese said. "News is supposed to give you a view of the world. The news media, the way it has evolved, gives you a distorted view of the world by exaggerating bad news, misery and despair. We're trying to balance out the scale."

    Rest of story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051211/ap_on_hi_te/happy_news&printer=1

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    Thanks for the link DK!!

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    Thanks DK, looks like a must-bookmark site!
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    Thanks for link. I will be going there just to read happy news. Some days I really need to read about something good people do. Especially after reading some of the sick and twisted news stories.

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