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    MD - Tracie Mosley, 18, Reistertown, 17 April 1995

    Tracie Lynn Mosley

    Endangered Missing -- Missing Since: April 17, 1995

    Missing From: Reistertown, Maryland

    Height: 5'10" -- Weight: 150 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Hazel

    Tracie Lynn Mosley disappeared without a trace over a decade ago. Her family and police are asking for anyone with information to contact them.

    Mosley, 18 at the time, lived in Reisterstown, and was last seen early in the morning of April 17, 1995. After visiting two Pikesville nightclubs, she was dropped off by a friend at High Falcon Road and Pittston Circle, 21136. Later, the young woman’s purse was found, but she has not been seen since.

    According to her friends, it would be very out of character for Tracie to disappear, making no contact with anyone. It is believed she had no money for travel, because her purse was found near where she was dropped off. Investigators strongly suspect she was the victim of foul play.


    Charley Project

    Baltimore County

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    Hey guys,

    Interesting blog post on this case on the Let's Find Them blog: https://letsfindthem.wordpress.com/2...ess-cold-case/

    Seems well-written, and basically pulls together all the publicly known info on her from different sources. Charley Project has a little more detail than Doe Network.

    Evidently, she was an aspiring actress hoping to get a big break. There were some family issues, as you'll read in the post. Though, she sounds like a pretty normal teenager by all accounts. Then, in the comments section, a friend comes forward and insists it's the ex...

    "My name is Suzanne Porter. I am the one referenced in this article. When this happened there was barely an internet. That’s why I am hoping that this time, when I speak out, I will be heard.

    Every year, around the time of her disappearance I call the police and give the same story. It never seems to be heard. There is an ex boyfriend who, like many abusers, is very charismatic and charming, but abusive. Tracie had cut herself off from him. Two years prior to the incident he had sprained her arm and there was a domestic violence charge against him that has since been expunged. His brother is a police officer and served as a character witness. In the years since his record and divorce is littered with domestic violence charges. His alibi for the evening in question is that he was away in the army. I know the name and occupation of a very reliable and credible woman who saw him at a party on leave the week of the disappearance.

    He was never willing to let Tracie go.

    The place where she was dropped off is down the street from a restaurant where she had worked. She knew full well there was a pay phone outside that restaurant. The erratic woman claiming to be a friend and saying Tracie was crazy was actually a childhood friend of hers who lived down the street. They had a tradition of always coming to get the other when one was stranded without a ride. I am POSITIVE Tracie would have called her. Also, she just happened to be completely into the same guy with the domestic violence record. She bent to his every will.

    I believe Tracie called her. I believe the abusive ex was dispatched by her to pick up Tracie. I believe he did something to her. Also, it’s the same erratic woman who found the purse. I believe she planted it. Maybe this comment in an internet age will make someone actually hear me. Oh… And the crazy abusive ex boyfriend leave trails in the internet of short stories where he murders people and gets away with it."

    Really makes you wonder, eh?
    have you ever seen the rain?

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