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    Lightbulb PA - Kimberly Yohe, 20, Middle Paxton Twp, May 1996

    Kimberly Yohe’s body was discovered by two fishermen in the Susquehanna River north of Harrisburg, in Middle Paxton Township, on May 22, 1996. She had been beaten and strangled, her hands bound behind her back, and she was nude except for white athletic socks..
    Kimberly was an outgoing, energetic 20 year old who's life was cut way to short.
    Her killer is still at large.

    I have joined this site in hopes to bring attention to this case as her family still morns for justice.
    Someone brutal committed this act to Kimberly and does not deserve to continue to walk free.
    A documentary will also be created in order to bring light to this case. More details on the case can be viewed at the link below. Details will also be available on our documentary web site soon.


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    I'm eager to learn the results of the resubmitted DNA evidence- I hope they at least get a usable profile. Truck stop murderers are especially scary and I imagine the transient lifestyle allows most to become quite prolific killers.

    Attempting to develop a criminal profile, I have a few questions about the victim. I'm sure the police have already asked everything I can think of and more.

    Why did Kimberly stay away from home late or for extended periods of time? She was 20, did she like to party with friends? Or was she rebellious? Did she travel alone or with people she trusted?
    Why did she frequent Gable's Truck Stop? Did she often stop there on her way in or out of town? Did they know her there? Did anyone recognize her there that evening? Was she seen with someone? Is there a truck driver who regularly stops through that may have known or been friends with Kimberly? How many witnesses were interviewed?
    She was in the army for about a month, why did she leave? Did she make any friends or enemies while there? Was she a victim of sexual harassment or molestation by a fellow soldier or superior? Would she have told someone if she was?

    More questions:

    What is the community of Etters, PA like? Was the truck stop the only entertainment available?

    How long was the body in the water? Was she killed on 5/8 or held captive for a time? Was any evidence collected that might point to the murder scene being outside near where her body entered the river? Or that it might have happened inside a semi trailer, other vehicle, or some indoor location?

    Strangulation often indicates the crime was committed by someone by the victim knew- being so up close and personal, and can take some time. Was the strangulation done by hand, rope, or something belonging to the victim? Was it the same material that bound her wrists?
    Perhaps instead, the murderer is a serial killer who simply enjoys killing that way? The victim being found only in socks, bound, beaten, and strangled, then dumped in water sounds tragically, yet implacably familiar. Without more detail, the killer's MO seems very common and possibly hard to link to a particular person.

    Thank goodness for the FBI's Highway Serial Killings initiative. I hope it helps Kimberly's family.

    Here are a couple more links referring to the re-opening of her case:




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    These are many of the questions that we have at this time, as well. We are currently in the early stages of our research for this documentary, and will post updates as we have them. In the meantime, if anyone has any information on the case that they'd like to share, please contact the proper authorities, and feel free to let us know what you know. Thanks so much.

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    Thanks for the additional links! I was able to purchase the original newspaper articles. What I find most strange is how lite the reporting was on such a brutal murder. Reporters covered the case for a solid two or three weeks consecutively, then there was one follow up in June of that year and then nothing. Most of the questions you have above are questions we also have. The goal that has been set is to bring new light to this case and look for new possible clues. I'm looking to speak to anyone who might have any recollection of this case or have any information about it, even if it's just hearsay. Thank you for your interest in it!

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    As of recently I have attempted to reach out to the manager of the truck station during that time. No success, he does not want to talk. Tenacity will prevail, we have been successful speaking with several members of the case and are very excited to begin writing episode 1!

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