Namus UP 7015

Unidentified Body/Remains (White Female)
Found November 15, 1987 in Polk County, FL
Body Condition: Not recognizable-near complete or complete skeleton
Probable year of death: 1985 to 1987
Estimated postmortem interval. years

Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 45-60
Approximate Height: 62 estimate
Approximate Weight: cannot estimate
Hair Color:
Separately were found dark brown-grey straight head hair
Eye Color: Unknown
Scars and marks: Old healed Pott's fracture of the right leg.
The right ribs numbers two through five showed area of unusual narrowing

Clothing & Accessories
green nylon worn jacket with thin insulation; jacket from synthetic material with grey, brown and black design, grey pants, brown pants both pants from synthetic material, beige negligee and beige bra
Jewerly: nothing
Footwear: light brown dock shoes with worn white rubber soles, grey socks.
Accessories: separate from the body were found a syringe for patients suffering with diabetes mellitus, plastic container for medication without the cover and no medication present.

Fingerprints: Fingerprint information is not available
Dentals: Dental information / charting is available and entered
DNA: Sample submitted-tests complete

Case History
Skeletal remains found in an abandoned area of Davenport. Skeleton was clothed and no injuries were noted