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    Lion bites [stupid] woman at zoo

    A woman was bitten by a lion at Melbourne Zoo after slipping her hand inside the enclosure to get a flower, the zoo confirmed today.

    It is the second time in the past month that an animal has injured a visitor at the zoo.

    The incident has prompted a review of perimeter security around the lion enclosure, with electric fencing to be installed to prevent lions getting close to the barrier.

    Zoo spokeswoman Judith Henke said the incident happened about 5.30pm last Thursday half an hour after closing time after the woman and a man repeatedly refused requests to leave.

    "They had previously been asked to leave, and between one staff member speaking to her after hours and the next staff member speaking to her after hours the bite had occurred," she said.

    Ms Henke said the woman is believed to have climbed over a metre-high safety barrier, which is one metre from the lion enclosure, when the tip of her finger was bitten.


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    Goooood Lion! Very goood lion! At least her stupidity gave the lion some entertainment.

    I think they should weaken the barriers - just let people walk around them, and label the enterances as "Lion food entrance" or "Panther food entrance". Idiots!

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    and she should have been arrested for refusing to leave in the first place.

    Too bad the lion didnt mistake her head for his dinner...it'd be one less idiot to deal with!

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    Why are people so dumb??

    Who in their right mind thinks ... " oh this is a good idea." ?

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    Is the Darwin award still given out?

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