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    Mysterious Video: Grave Robbing for Morons

    In the early 1990s, a homemade VHS circulated around called "Grave Robbing for Morons." ( )

    It features a young stuttering man explaining how to rob graves without getting caught, what bones are most valuable, and other grave robbing "tips." In the video he shows what appears to be an actual human skull that he's stolen and at the end he gives the nicknames of himself and his grave robbing crew: "Anthony, "Gino, "Taco", and "Pucci" and vows to continue robbing graves for the fun of it.

    While the veracity of the video is questioned, the origins of the video and narrator are still a mystery today. The narrator, "Anthony Cass-" appears to have New York or New Jersey accent, and several online sleuthers have made note of an 1999 New York Times article (See below) concerning a Queens, NY resident named Anthony Cassimassima who served as a star witness in a prosecution case against a man who was convicted of stealing a stained glass tableau from a local cemetery. Due to several factors, including the presumed age of the narrator in the video, it is not believed that they are the same person.

    The only other interesting conjecture about this video is an online comment stating:

    >Psichotica7 2 Months Ago
    A commenter on another video claims this guy died almost 20 years ago.

    "The Guy with the Grave Robberies is from Red Hook, goes by the name of Screws. He's been dead damn near twenty years now. He used to sell bones to some of the Hougnans over in Sheepshead Bay. I'm surprised that no one knew that, common knowledge by me.

    It's common knowledge around me, I'm from Ozone Park, originally. It was the local Scuttlebutt back in the early 90's when I was a teenager. He ran a chop shop too, Back in the day. Bootleg movies, knock off clothes, you name it. That's how he got the nickname screws, he used to screw everyone over. From what I heard, they found him over in White Stone in a dumpster by the bridge with his knees parallel with his ears, he'd been bent backwards in the wrong direction, his head was resting against his ass.."

    What do you guys think?


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    So weird, never heard of this and the way they claim he was found in scary. Ill have to look more into it.

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