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    NC - Sameera Glaize, 9, Raleigh, April 8 2017

    I am sharing this for my friend Sam, who is desperate to locate his daughter-

    She has been seen since Friday, April 7.
    An Ex Parte Order for Emergency Custody was issued on Friday, April 7 to my ex-wife to produce my daughter, Sameera Glaize, into my sole custody. Sameera was not at her school that Friday and her mother, Sunaina Glaize, has not responded to law enforcement, lawyers, or me. I have been back and forth to several locals in central Florida, North Carolina, and the states in-between. I have not found my daughter. She was last seen in a dark blue Toyota Senna mini-van, but now may also be in a dark maroon Toyota mini-van. Sameera's case has currently not qualified for Amber Alert status. If you see my daughter DO NOT engage. Her mother and her mother's sisters are mentally unstable, and I cannot predict what they will do. If you see Sameera, please immediately call 911 with as precise location info as you can, and then message me via Facebook. Sameera sometimes wears glasses.
    Dark blue mini-van: 2006 Toyota Sienna, NC plate: XTH7488
    Dark maroon mini-van: Honda Odyssey Touring Elite mini-van, with a roof rack, Florida plates. I do not yet have the number.
    If you feel so inclined, please share this post. Thank you.
    Update (04/14/2017, 11:30am)
    No reported sighting of my daughter or her mother. Yes, I still need to dig up some pictures of Sameera’s mother and aunts. All I have of those are years old, but they have not changes much, at least not outwardly.
    Yesterday afternoon, 04/13/2017, one of Sameera’s aunts was reported back in Oviedo, Florida. This is just outside/connected to Orlando. She was reported trying to abscond with the youngest of two daughters from her school. School authorities stopped this in time. The girl, and her older sister, are safe with their father who has joint legal custody and 90% physical custody. Mine is not the only disintegrated marriage and shattered family within this clan. This aunt, as far as I know, has not been questioned by Oviedo law enforcement. I have been told that she can claim that she knows nothing, and there is nothing that can be legally followed up on that. Nonetheless, my guess is that this latest action is edging closer to what I suspect: a massive family relocation in some place other than the states they have resided in over the last 13 years: NC, FL, and TN. If so, this will eventually not succeed. However, they are smart. I surmise that Sunaina (Sameera’s mother) will not be using her phone or credit/debit cards anymore. To get legal actions and attention, that are nationwide, to monitor credit and phone activity are nearly impossible to get unless “terrorism”, a history of armed robbery, or murder is involved. This also speaks to why Sameera is not on Amber Alert. It's harder to get than one might imagine. The mother has not directly threatened Sameera or me with violence, does not have a history of physical violence towards Sameera, etc. That's a key factor: immanent physical harm, or threats of death. Granted, there is plenty of psychological abuse that Sameera has endured by her mother and at least from one other aunt. When an Amber Alert goes up, it is literally nationwide: every FBI agent, police station, and sheriff department in the entire country lights up ...as well as hundreds of millions of cell phones. Nonetheless, I have another chance of getting qualified for one if she isn't found by April 19, which is our custody review hearing date as well as a hearing for child endangerment. However, as time goes forward, and the tension of evading law enforcement continues, I feel Sameera’s mother and the aunt that may still be with them, will make poor judgements in driving, at the very least. They panic easy and could very likely wreck the vehicle with who knows what injuries resulting to my child or any other people involved. I am sure my daughter is not sleeping well, not being fed well, and is generally terrified, confused, and being further brainwashed and gas-lighted by her mother …which she has a documented history of doing towards Sameera.
    I apologize for the following; I was misinformed by local law enforcement when I was denied Amber Alert status. I was told that she would be put on the CUE list of Missing Persons. Sameera is not. That is nearly on the level of an Amber Alert, so I guess I understand why Sameera is not on that as well.
    What I have found out, to my heartbreaking frustration, is that if Sameera and her mother do not show up for the hearing on April 19, then there is not much one can do except wait until there are signs of habitation somewhere, and get a Writ of Habeas Corpus and extradite her from where ever she may be staying. I know it seems crazy, but I may only be left with a private investigator at that point. The expense of such is beyond my means at this point. I’m pretty much paycheck to paycheck now with $60,000 in legal debt and about $12,000 in credit debt and money owed to court appointed therapists used in the past that were, unfortunately, not in my insurance plan. I also have my mother to take care off, whose health is declining. I suppose I can spend my weekends traveling by car to different locals looking for her. I don’t know at the point. I’ll formulate plans after April 19 if Sameera is still not in my arms. Wait, I know: if I get too much apathy, I can always put out an all-points social media bulletin to Anonymous, the KGB, and the NSA for help. They have respectively embarrassed politicians and “world leaders” from all points of the globe, hacked into several US email and governmental computer systems, and led to the termination/assassination/execution of Osama bin Laden. Maybe they'd be willing to help me find Sameera. Their success would be a cute little badge that they can put on display for all to revel in. Am I joking? We'll see.
    I hope you are all getting some time off from school and/or work to relax a bit this weekend, however you may observe it (or not). I sincerely realize our planet, and species as a whole, has many more troubles and tragedies than the disappearance of one child. However, the love and care for a child seems, to me, to be a unique opportunity to realize what the essence of Unconditional Love truly is. At least a hint of that Realization should show that all those around us, no matter who they are or where they come from, are a part of Love, Universal and beyond creed or dogma. Yes, that includes Sameera’s mother, who I truly harbor no ill will or hate towards. Needless to say, I am often flummoxed by the folly of humans past, present, and most likely future.
    Sameera has my Love, beyond any measure or understanding as, ultimately, do you all.
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    Thanks for brining this case to our attention, but a link from MSM or a post from law enforcement is required in order for a case to have a thread here on Websleuths.

    Unfortunately, this thread will be closed until one of those two requirements is met. Please alert on this post if you've found either requirement and we will be more than happy to re-open the thread.

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