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    Websleuths Praised In Print!

    The latest issue of Justice magazine highlights the efforts of Internet detectives like Jules Hammer (and you) in breaking open the cases that stump police and FBI agents. Check it out...

    A New Breed of Private Eye

    "...But (law enforcement officials) concede that the bloggers often do get there first. As Brewster admits, "We got information off these Web sites that we later confirmed in our investigation. Not critical information, but peripheral stuff that still adds to the big puzzle." And they're definitely paying attention. "(The blogs) are being monitored," says sheriff's detective Brad Maskell, Kootenai County, Idaho's lead investigator on the Groene murders. "They are being accessed for any value that they may contain, right along with any other media source."

    That's not news to Jules Hammer, whose site meter routinely documents visitors from the FBI and the Department of Justice..."

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    This is a good thing whether we can add direct evidence or opinions. Sometimes peoples insight is worth their weight in gold. These are sometimes the clues in solving a crime. It is much better to have a thousand eyes on a case than one. So what if some people call us old ladies, sometimes old ladies might just know something. Thanks for this post, Justice.

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