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    NY - WalMart Santa arrested for exposing self to boy

    A Wal-Mart Santa Claus was arrested Monday for allegedly exposing himself to a 15-year-old boy and attempting to have the boy engage in oral sex with him at his home on Dec. 9, according to a City of Newburgh police press release.

    Ransford George Perry, 57, of Newburgh, has acted as an advocate for numerous children around Newburgh through a business called the Association Against Biased Educators. He is also a promoter for "talented children," and a Santa Claus at the Wal-Mart on Route 300 in the Town of Newburgh, police said.

    Perry was acting as an advocate for the youth and told the victim he had work for him to do at his home when the assault allegedly took place, police said.


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    Here is another article with more details:

    This guy really had a way with finding reasons to be around kids.

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    I say....chop it off! If he's so proud of it, then maybe we could put it in a nice little *giggle* shadow box for him! I have no use or patience or tolerance for these idiots!

    I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours.

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    Don't they do background checks on employees? Especially those who appeal to children......like SANTA! Or is it just whatever low wages they can pay?

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    This guy has the same MO as the pedophile I had the displeasure of knowing--passing himself off as a children's advocate/counselor. The one I knew even worked for the juvenile probation office for awhile and in a children's psychiatric ward. Ugh. It makes the blood boil. I'm reminded of the passage in JAWS re sharks: "All they do is eat, swim, and make little sharks."

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