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    I have no desire to be on TV but if you're interested Bob what brought me here was the Joanna Yates case, I can't remember how I found the site but I followed that case in real time that Christmas period and have followed and posted on maybe 10-12 since then. I have found posters to be extremely knowledgable on a huge range of subjects and be able to find out a huge amount of information sitting at their screens.

    The strict rules on moderation and links stop this site turning into the madness that you mostly see on facebook crime pages (MM and CM anyone) although I have noticed over the years that it's no longer valid in a lot of cases to rely on what you see in MSM being accurate, the loss of proper journalists and the copying from SM sites can often mean that what you read here is more accurate that a lot of newspaper websites.

    I don't know if the UK police read here but if they don't IMO they should, there's a free resource here that they can't hope to replicate and, I suspect, a lot more knowledge on technical issues especially now that phone pings are becoming more important in court cases.

    I also follow some US and Australian cases and the differences are quite marked, this is, of course, a generalisation but while the US posters have access to an extraordinary amount if information about people they often seem to lack the common sense approach of the Brits and the Ozzies who have a much more robust approach even than the UK posters do. That in itself I find interesting.

    I have pm'ed with other members over the years and found them all to be friendly, polite and helpful.

    All JMO but happy to discuss with you further on an anonymous basis

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    I first came here to follow the Joanna Yeates case too. I've only followed a few other cases here, all in the UK.

    I am going to be honest and acknowledge that a lot of the "sleuthing" that takes place is attempts to find out things that the police already know, but that haven't been made public. Taking that case as an example: finding or working out floor plans of the building, and who occupied the other flats. All information readily available to the police from the start.

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