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    AL - Trista 'Tasha' Yelding, 24, Mobile, 4 April 2017

    24-year-old woman reported missing from Mobile

    Nikkita Yelding says her sister, Trista has seizures and does not have her medication with her.

    Trista, more commonly.known as "Tasha" doesn't have her purse or driver's license with her and her family fears for her safety.


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    Still missing. No news.

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    Family members say she suffers with epilepsy and she doesn't have the medicine she needs.

    For weeks now family members have posted flyers and spent countless hours looking for 24-year-old Trista known to many as "Tasha" Yelding.

    Her sister says about two weeks before that (on April 3rd) Trista disappeared while she was staying at a friend’s house on Raybon Road in Theodore.

    "They texted me on messenger and said she freaked out, she had a panic attack and ran out into the woods," her sister said. "But it's not like her to do that."

    Trista suffers with epilepsy. She says she left everything including her purse and medicine. "She never leaves her purse," she said. "She never leaves her ID, she never leaves anything like that."


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    Missing two months and some change.

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