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    Spain - Diana Quer, 18, A Pobra do Caraminal, 22 Aug 2016

    All of a sudden, the name of Denise Thiem pops up again in the Spanish press.

    A young woman from Madrid has gone missing from a small village near the Galician coast where she was on a holiday. The case is getting a lot of media attention, and some of the organizations involved in the searches are the same as those who were involved in the rastreos for Denise.

    La Voz de Galicia

    While hundreds of locals from Pontevedra supported the family of Sonia Iglesias so that her case may not be forgotten, we received confirmation that a young woman, Diana Quer has disappeared from A Pobra do Caramiñal where she was on vacation. Her parents and sister call out to not stop the pressure on the police. But her initial traces six days after she was last seen, cause much concern. Associations such as SOS Disappeared Galicia insist that the first 24/48 hours are crucial to direct the investigation and get the clarification of each case. Police errors usually happen there and then. How often it has happened that the security forces act by the book, they presuppose a possible getaway of a minor or a voluntary disappearance of an adult until signs require them to reconsider and thus initiate investigations that are two days late!

    In Galicia unsolved crimes with women as victims remain irking. María José Arcos, Elisa Abruñedo, Socorro Perez and, of course, Sonia Iglesias, are those most recalled. Instead, the crime of Denise Thiem was the recent exception that confirmed another feature of unresolved crimes: the lack of resources and personnel. When that was corrected as happened with American pilgrim (by pressure on Rajoy from Barack Obama) ... holy remedy !

    I hope that the case of this girl from Madrid will not enter into that shamefaced list that permanently reminds us that there really are no perfect crimes, only imperfect investigations.

    An estimated 14000 persons disappear each year in Spain. There is no official list of the number of persons who remain disappeared.
    Each year, one hundred cases remain unsolved.
    The odds are worst if an elderly person of 70+ goes missing. 46% of them are found deceased, another 46% are found alive and the remaining 8% are never heard of again.
    Source: http://www.elconfidencial.com/espana...iones_1254379/

    Until now, I never considered the search for Denise a positive exception, but apparently, that is what it was after all.
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    The disappearance of the 18-year-old madrileña while she was returning from local fiestas in A Pobra do Caramiñal, in the northwestern Galician province of A Coruña, in the early hours of August 22, 2016 will continue, for now, to be completely shrouded in mystery.

    What happened to Diana Quer? How is it possible that the massive media coverage of the case has not supplied even the smallest clue about her whereabouts? How can it be that not a single person has seen the woman since 2.40am on August 22 of last year? The judge admits that “there is evidence of non-voluntary disappearance” and has not ruled out that the youngster was the victim of “serious criminal acts.” But that dark trail has led nowhere...

    Quer was last seen at 2.40am in Paseo do Areal in A Pobra, when she was supposedly returning from the local fiestas to the vacation home where she and her family would spend the summer... The signal from her cellphone, which was found in October by a fisherman on a riverbank in Arousa, suggests that she got into a car at some point, either voluntarily or against her will. The fast movement of her phone signal has allowed investigators to deduce that she was traveling in a vehicle, but no other testimony backs this up.

    Her cellphone ended up in the sea, underneath the bridge of the freeway that leads to Taragoña, in Rianxo... Investigators have analyzed tapes from traffic cameras as well as the signal from the cellphones of 80 people who took the same route between 3 and 5am on August 22. And despite the intense searches there are no clues that allow for her steps to be traced beyond that viaduct.

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