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    Canada - Tyrone Kellerman, 56, Edmonton, AB, 13 February 2017


    Kellerman's truck, a 2003 Dodge Ram with the license plate BST-8284, is also missing
    . (Cathy Kellerman/Supplied)
    Cathy Kellerman remembers her husband as a gentleman.

    "One of the last few you'll ever get," she said, describing him.

    That makes it even harder for her to understand why 56-year-old Tyrone Kellerman has been missing for more than two months.

    Tyrone was last seen at 10 a.m. on Feb. 13 at the Edson Walmart. Police say his dark blue 2003 Dodge Ram with the license plate BST-8284 is missing as well.
    With no sign of him, both Cathy and the RCMP are stumped on where he could be.

    "This is out of character for Tyrone," Cpl. Chris Warren told CBC Friday. "There was just nothing to indicate that this was a normal event for him."
    'We don't feel he's still with us'

    Cathy has searched far and wide for her husband, even enlisting a group of psychics to lead search groups.
    The psychics haven't charged Cathy for leading the search parties, hoping they will find him somewhere on their farm.
    But Cathy said she is starting to believe her worst fears.
    "We don't feel he's still with us," she said. "He would never leave me or the children."
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    February 20, 2017
    Tyrone’s cellphone stopped working the week before he disappeared and the last time she saw him, he was going to get a new one but “nobody’s seen him since,” Catherine said.

    On Monday night, she told Global News his disappearance was highly out of character and that she can pinpoint when she knew something was wrong.

    “When they called from work,” she said. “My husband has never missed a day of work, you can set your clock by him. He goes to work all the time. Everybody said, if he was mad at me he might not phone me but he would have never missed going to work.”

    According to her, Tyrone has worked at Hinton Wood Products for over 30 years. She works at a Hinton pulp mill and the two also own a farm together where they raise two grandchildren.
    He suffered serious injuries in a car accident in the summer although he was back to work by November, Catherine added.
    He walks with a slight limp because of the accident, she said. She also said he has a moustache.
    Catherine said that Tyrone grew up in Hinton before moving to Edson. He was born in Jasper.

    Tyrone’s truck has also not been found since he disappeared. It is described as a a dark blue Dodge Ram diesel truck with Alberta licence plate BFT-8284.
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    Tyrone Kellerman, who was previously reported missing on February 14th, 2017, was located deceased on June 19th in a rural area near Edson, Alberta. His death is not believed to be suspicious at this time.


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