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    AL - Jefferson County, Black Female, 30-45, Dec'05 - Trina Robertson

    There is still no identity for a woman found dead in an abandoned mining area of Jefferson County. Investigators seem to have exhausted all leads.

    Jefferson County sheriff's investigators are calling this case "perplexing." They found the woman's body December 4th. The unidentified black female has a distinctive description, but so far, no one has provided information that can identify her.

    After two to three days exposed to the elements, someone finally called-in a tip leading investigators to an abandoned mining area. It's located in a remote section off Old Dixiana Road, near highway 79....

    Detectives have come up with a composite likeness. She was somewhere between 30 and 45 years old, five-foot-eight and 270 pounds. She had two tattoos; "David" on her chest, "t-rol" on her backside. And on her left ring finger, she wore a ring.

    But even with all these clues, they still don't know who she is....

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    AL-Case Discussion -UnID'd Black fem in Alabama

    "She was somewhere between 30 and 45 years old, five-foot-eight and 270 pounds. She had two tattoos; "David" on her chest, "t-rol" on her backside. And on her left ring finger, she wore a ring."!frontpage

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    I'm thinking she was not a prostitute, since there were no fingerprints on file and her age. The article didn't say if the lead to the body came from a male or female. I'd bet this was a domestic homocide being the way she was dressed, and her body dumped at the site. I'm wondering from her autopsy results if she had children. Surely someone would report her missing if she had a job.

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    It has me puzzled.

    I wonder about that t-rol. Someone with a gang name data base might have something.
    Aside from the obvious vulgar meaning, it could be a shortened version of a quote "square wheels don't rol".
    On a free search engine I also found:
    A new sort of skate board (Given her age, size & weight I doubt that was an activity she took part in.)

    Tyrol or Ti-rol (t-rol, ti-, tirol)A region of the eastern Alps in western Austria and northern Italy. Inhabited in ancient times by Celtic peoples, the Tyrol constantly passed back and forth, in whole or in part, between Austria and Italy in the 1800's. Its present division dates from the Treaty of St. Germain in 1919. The Tyrolean Alps are a popular tourist area.--Ty-rol'le-an or Tyr'o-lese' (tir-lez, -les, tir-). adj. n.

    Nothing very satisfactory in all that.

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    T-roll could be short for Tootsie Roll, maybe that was her nickname. Just a thought.

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    well we know there is no way one person could have dumped her....whoever it was had to have help.

    strange case. I'm sure this woman has children that are missing their mother.

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    She had a wedding ring on. She must have had a husband.

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    Woman Identified

    This woman has been identified over the last week.She is Trina Michelle Robertson from of story at link

    City woman found dead in Alabama

    Conor Reilly
    January 19, 2006

    A body found dumped on the outskirts of Birmingham, Ala., has been identified as a Lynchburg mother of three, who investigators say was lured away from her family by someone she met on the Internet.

    Police are investigating the apparent murder of Trina Michelle Robertson, whose body was found in early December but went unidentified for almost a month. “She was a lovely woman and a wonderful nurse,” Robertson’s mother, Shirley Dickerson, said Wednesday

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