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    AR - Stephen Kao, 1, Bella Vista, 1992

    How about some good news!!!!!


    Mom Reunited With Son 13 Years Later

    Sun Dec 18, 9:48 PM ET

    BELLA VISTA, Ark. - A mother and son who were separated while the boy was still an infant have been reunited more than a decade after the child disappeared with his father.

    Tosha Blevins had not heard anything about her son, Stephen Kao, in 13 years until she received a call earlier this month from relatives of the boy's father.

    The caller, David Henson of Douglasville, Ga., told Blevins he had been trying to find her for years.

    "My wife is Stephen's dad's sister," Henson said. "Your son came to live with us after his dad died four years ago."

    Stephen's relatives in Georgia were able to locate Blevins using records they found in his baby book.

    The day after the call, Blevins went to Georgia and spent more than a week with her son, now 14, who returned to live with her in Arkansas.

    Stephen, who had not seen his mother since he was a year old, didn't remember her.

    "She nearly hugged me to death," Stephen said. "I thought she wasn't ever going to let go. And I was glad to see her, too. I never asked my dad about her. Then last year, I started wondering about her."

    Blevins, who lives in Bella Vista, says she had joint custody of Stephen when the boy's father took him after a divorce.

    I did a quick check and couldn't locate the boy's name, nor the mother's name, on the internet. This is still an encouraging story though as it shows that years can go by, but the possibility remains that family members can be reuited.

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    Mom, Young Son Reunited After 13 Years

    BELLA VISTA, Ark. -- Tosha Blevins and her teenage son, Stephen Kao, have the chance to spend their first holiday season together since the boy was 1-year old.

    Blevins of Bella Vista says she was divorced 13 years ago and had joint custody of her son, Stephen Kao, when the boy's father took him and she never saw her son again until after getting a telephone call from Georgia this month.

    The caller, David Henson of Douglasville, Ga., told Blevins he had been trying to find her for four years.

    "I have your son, Stephen," Henson told her. "He's been living with us for the last four years. My wife is Stephen's dad's sister. Your son came to live with us after his dad died four years ago."

    13 years.WOW what agreat xmas present.

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    Wow! Made me cry............I hope this child adjusts well. Can't imagine what he's been through.

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    That's pretty awesome for both of them!

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