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    Australia - Ti-Aysha Smith, 21 mos, beaten to death, Riverland, SA, Nov 2005

    A MOTHER and her boyfriend have been charged with murdering the woman's 18-month-old daughter in South Australia.

    Police arrested the pair this evening and they have been refused bail.

    The woman, 22, and the man, 30, have been charged with murder, criminal neglect and assault occasioning bodily harm.

    A murder investigation was launched after the girl died in suspicious circumstances in the Riverland town of Nildottie, in South Australia's east on Tuesday evening. The couple, of Wallaroo, north-west of Adelaide, had been in Nildottie, near Swan Reach, with the toddler for about two days before the alleged murder, police said.
    A**holes .

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    Mother guilty of beating toddler to death

    I hope she never gets out .

    AN Adelaide woman has been jailed for life after a jury today found her guilty of beating her 21-month-old baby girl to death.
    A South Australian Supreme Court jury took nearly 12 hours to find Tracey Lee Smith, 24, guilty of murdering daughter Ti-Aysha at their Swan Reach home, southeast of Adelaide, in November 2005.
    An autopsy found Ti-Aysha died from severe internal bleeding after she was struck 81 times.

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    At trial, the jury heard Smith had a pattern of physical and verbal abuse towards her daughter stemming from frustration that the toddler regularly became tongue-tied.
    She commonly referred to her daughter as a "retard", the trial heard.
    there are no words to describe the hell this woman should go to.

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    Awful. Try tapping your hand on your desk top 81 times, it's not so easy. So very sad.

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    OMG this story makes me ill! What kind of person would do this?

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    A monster.

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    OMG What?! I hate hate HATE the way the world treats children! Sometimes I wish that whatever is done to the child would be done to the adult that hurt the child. In this case, I wish we could put her in a room for 21 months with people calling her a "retard" and beating her and then finally beat her till she doesn't move. THen I think "that would be to good for her, let her rot in jail!"
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


    ~*Cancel my subscription, I'm THROUGH with your issues*~

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    She,ll proberly be kept in isolated conditions with other like minded creatures......her time inside proberly wont be to harsh at all..here life doesnt mean life.....unless her file is marked never to be released theres every chance she,ll be out before we know it.

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    OMG!!! I have a toddler and sure she gets into things and makes me want to pull my hair out but NEVER EVER have I felt like I could beat her much less beat her to death. It breaks my heart everytime I hear something like this.

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