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    2017.05.04 - 'A Showing of Actual Malice: WH "Tires" of 1A'

    The piece linked below is by Jonathan Turley, an attorney and constitutional law scholar, who is one of the most measured and thoughtful analysts I've come across. He is not interested in 'sides', rather, the Constitution and case law guides the substance of his writings and opinion.

    The article below is deeply disturbing to Turley and to me as well. It concerns the Trump admin statements about potentially changing libel laws to offset negative press or to punish the press.

    I have many concerns about the Trump presidency. I voted for him not because I think he can save us, is 'great', or has the People squarely in his focus as who he came to serve. I do think much of the screaming about NPD disorder, Hitlerian consciousness, and the so called darkness of his soul and evil intent is overwrought. And it loses credibility because of the hysterical nature of the criticism. However, I voted for him with reservations for a laundry list of reasons, not the least of which is his self-referencing, tantrum-throwing, belligerent behavior. But I do not support the majority of the policies of the left in what appears to be a mission no less tyrannical than the one leftists are ranting about.

    The Obama presidency was steeped in its own narcissism and fist pounding control behaviors and alternative facts. Benghazi, locking up a video maker as the token scapegoat for the terrorist threat the State Department failed to manage, shoving mandates down the People's throats, and an utterly incoherent foreign policy that has resulted in for one thing, a increase inTaliban control and US casualties in A-stan, and so much more, are reasons to reject the Democrat's platform. So I voted in a direction to prevent a Clinton presidency with the hope that the fundamental principles of the market economy, realism political philosophy in US foreign policy, and other (true) conservative or classical liberal thought in Trump's POV would at least give us a fighting chance. I was aware when I cast my vote that A Trump presidency would need to be carefully balanced by moderates in both parties, good counsel from admirals and generals, and the greater checks and balances in our three-pronged government. But Trump's past interviews dating back to the 80's showed some thoughtful insights into many of our problems and without all the theater. So, the bottom line is, I voted in the only direction that I had available, given the limited choices. And I would rather see a Trump presidency than a Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan presidency any day.

    But the overreach addressed in the article below is a fine example of what the checks and balances in our government are designed to thwart. And when the First Amendment is at risk, which it was in the Obama presidency as well, it is a profoundly disturbing trend we cannot afford.

    “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Where is Heather?

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    Short on time, but I hope to have more time later to add to this conversation. Thank you for starting this thread and, and for your thoughtful and well reasoned post, jillycat!

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