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    GA - Darrell Rice, 32, Atlanta, 3 May 2017

    The last images of Darrell, 43, are from just before 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3, at the Publix Super Market in Atlanta. Darrell can be seen purchasing several items, renting a few movies from the Redbox, checking out and walking out of the store.

    Early the next morning, around 2:00 a.m., two downstairs neighbors at his apartment complex reportedly heard several loud thuds. They were loud enough to wake them..

    When Krista didn't hear from her brother, she drove the roughly two and a half hours to his apartment. She had a feeling in her gut that something wasn't right. When she got there, she spotted his car in the parking lot.

    But when she walked up to his apartment, panic set in.

    "The door was unlocked, and his apartment was in a state of disarray," Krista told Dateline. "He's a big movie lover, and all his DVDs were thrown around. The shelves were tilted over. The Lego houses he built with his son were destroyed. And we found his keys, cellphone and wallet inside."


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    "The seriousness of the situation really hit home for Darrell's family when he failed to pick up his son from his ex-wife's home this past Sunday, as scheduled."

    Hink Hink. Bet someone didn't like the custody/child support arrangement and felt they'd take the law into their own hands. Hope not, because that is an utterly stupid thing to do. But I've seen stupid too many times in cases like this to discount it.
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    FOUND according to social Media.. trying to find an official link right now.
    His sister says on SM that he was found in an hospital with a medical condition. Will update post as I find more information.

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    Thank God!

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    Hi Maz. I've been trying to contact you but your inbox doesn't permit private messages. It's regarding this UK documentary:


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