NamUs UP 16571

Unidentified Body/Remains (White Female)

Found February 6, 2005 in Washingyon County, DC
Body Condition: Not recognizable - partial skeletal parts only
Probable year of death: 2002 to 2005

Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 40-50
Approximate Height: 63 estimate
Approximate Weight: cannot estimate
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Scars and marks:
has a sternal foramen, and 13th thoracic vertebra

Clothing & Accessories
All clothing highly decomposed. Tan/brown jeans (possible), says "Classic Gap" on inner tag. White/blue pinstripe pants (possible), leopard print shirt (possible) says "M.D.G" on inside label, red baseball cap with blue bill that says "old madras" on inside label, Jockey brand underwear straps (possibly from bra).
Jewerly: nothing
Footwear: nothing
Accessories: nothing

Fingerprints: Fingerprint information is not available
Dentals: Dental information / charting is available and entered
DNA: Sample available-not yet submitted

Case History:
Skeletal remains found 700 yards south of the Chain Bridge at Canal Street. Remains had female clothing nearby.