Alexander Sloley, known as Alex, 16, left his friendís house in Enfield, North London, at midday on Saturday, August 2, 2008 - two days before his 17th birthday.

He didnít return home and disappeared with little money and without a change of clothes.

Alex left no trace, and police have appealed for anyone who might recognise his piercing blue eyes to contact them.

Police have also appealed to Alex - to reassure him that no matter what trouble he may face, they will help him. The Met said their inquiry continues and police are working closely with his family - they just want to know heís safe. His missing Kids website Link from the Met Police sites

His poor mum - she says the police didn't really start looking for him until 2010!!! No idea what has happened there. He disappeared 2 days before his 17th birthday.

Searching for him on the internet doesn't bring up a great deal either, it seems like he really has just been forgotten. I managed to find this

Enfield and Finsbury Park aren't too far away from each other. Funnily enough I was born in that area and was visiting FP only the other weekend.