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    2017.05.12 Sydney Leathers: I warned Weiner before ‘teen’ sext scandal exploded

    Sydney Leathers being the voice of reason in this situation is mind-blowing. And remember, last we heard, Huma is still with this guy.

    Leathers told The Post on Thursday that she contacted Weiner to tell him that he was in trouble.

    “There’s a 15-year-old girl . . . messaging me and she’s claiming you guys sext and skyped. And that you know how old she is,” Leathers wrote last July.

    “Frankly, I hope it isn’t true. But she showed me a screenshot that looks legit to me. How have you not learned your lesson? This is another level of f- -ked up.”

    more at the link


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    Apparently his problems are too severe for mere warnings, job loss, and divorce to make him want to change his behavior or he is too sick to change. But I know of no effective treatment for this at present.

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